Although St. Martin is a small village it is thriving destination for wine-lovers and nature enthusiasts alike and therefore offers many different options for accomodation. However, we suggest you either book a room at the conferencec venue „Haus am Weinberg“ itself or at the hotels „St. Martiner Castell“ and „Chalet Weingut Raabe“. We reserved the entire conference hotel and a few rooms in the alternative hotels. Be aware that both „St. Martiner Castell“ and „Chalet Weingut Raabe“ are located in the center of the village (about ~15-20min walking distance uphill to „Haus am Weinberg“). The conference fee includes lunch, dinner and a wine tasting but no breakfast. If you book a room at one of the listed hotels, breakfast is included in the quoted prices. Please refer to the conference when booking a room.

Hotel Haus am Weinberghausamweinberg3

Apart from being the venue for the Experimental Finance Conference 2016, Haus am Weinberg is also the conference hotel where most attendees will stay. It is a 3-star superior hotel which offers its guests a sweeping view over the Rhine valley and the surrounding vinyards from most of its about 60 rooms. We have negotiated a fixed price of 80 € for a single room or 120 € for a double room.

Contact either via phone +49 (0)6323 9450 or via eMail: info[at]

Please refer to the EF 2016 when booking a room, as we have reserved the entire hotel for the conference.


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Hotel St. Martiner CastellCastell

St. Martiner Castell is a 3-star superior hotel. Rooms start at 65 € per single room per night and go up to 75€. A stay includes breakfast, wifi, tourist tax and the parking fee. A limited number of rooms is available for the conference.

Contact either via phone  +49 (0)6323 9510 or via eMail: info[at]

Address: Maikammerer Straße 2, 67487 St. Martin

Hotel Chalet Weingut Raabe

Chalet Weingut Raabe is a 3-star hotel. RoomsRaabe start at 84 € per double room per night or an entire apartment for 90.50€ per night. They include breakfast and parking on the grounds of the winery. A limited number of rooms is available for the conference.

Contact either via phone +49 (0)6323 704955or via eMail: info[at]

Address: Emserstraße 4, 67487 St. Martin

Other Accomodation Options

Other accomodation options include the hotel Winzerhof, the hotel Gästehaus Grüner Baum and the hotel Consulat des Weins. Although we did not reserve any rooms there, we were assured that they had rooms available for the time of the conference (which is subject to change) and you would have to organize a stay yourself.